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    What to do in Annapolis

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    Annapolis has several great attractions to peak your interest. From historic houses to scenic waterways and cobblestone streets there is something for everyone to enjoy. If sailing interests you then you have definitely come to the right place! Annapolis is the “Sailing Capital of the World”. Music your thing?… There is always a talented musician every night of the week in one of our fine venues to entertain you. Even the kids can take a cruise and learn about the pirates of the Chesapeake. So if your time is limited and you need a suggestion here are a few to start with.

  • USNA: U.S. Naval Academy

    What to do in Annapolis

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    Sequestered behind brick walls, lies another city within this city – the campus of the U.S. Naval Academy, or the “Yard” as it is commonly called. Established in 1845, The U.S. Naval Academy is a city of men and women who are dedicating four years of their lives to become leaders of our Nation’s Navy and Marine Corps.

    While the yard comprises a college campus, it also houses an active military installation. The Yard is open to the public, although anyone over sixteen must carry photo identification.

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