Tips for Visiting Annapolis on a Holiday Weekend

Visiting Annapolis Attraction

If you are looking to get away for a short break over the next holiday weekend then visiting Annapolis is a great choice; it has a rich heritage, a diverse history and plenty to keep everyone in your travel party occupied for the duration of your trip.  Whether you want to explore top cultural attractions or get active and hike along one of the many trails in the area, you can find plenty to do in this city.

Visiting over a holiday weekend however does have certain implications and rather than arrive in Annapolis completely unaware, we have gathered together some of the ones worth considering:-

Will It Be Open?

Certain things do close over holiday weekends so it is worth looking in advance as to what will be open.  For example, over Thanksgiving weekend a lot of the cruise ships have already closed down for the season so although you will be able to see boats in Annapolis Harbour or from City Dock, you won’t be able to enjoy a cruise along the waterfront.  If you had chosen Annapolis because there was something specific you wanted to do then it’s worth checking whether it is open at the time of year you are planning to visit.  That said, there are also lots of other things which are open year round in Annapolis which are worth enjoying if you happen to be in the area such as the Museum at the Naval Academy and tours around some of the more historic parts of the city.

Of course one of the great things about visiting over a holiday weekend is that you can get involved with the special events which are taking place in the city, for example, the Maryland Renaissance Festival which takes place each weekend from August to October sees an entire 16th century village being constructed with over 200 entertainers, a 3,000 seat jousting arena, 120 craft shops and more food and drink kiosks, games, attractions and activities than you can imagine.

Will It Be Busy?

Annapolis receives over 4 million visitors each year so it is often busy with people.  That said, depending on which holiday weekend you choose to visit will determine exactly how busy it gets.  The Naval Academy Commissioning Week is a big deal in the area and you will find that lots of people descend on the city during this time so it is worth checking whether your dates coincide with this particular week.  You will also find that a lot of the hotels near Naval Academy Annapolis are booked up well in advance which should give you a heads up about which dates to avoid if you want to try and visit Annapolis during a quieter period.

Can I Get Around Easily?

Annapolis is a city which is easily accessible on foot so whether there are more people in the area or not due to holiday celebrations should have no impact on whether you can get around or not.  Coming into the city and parking may prove slightly more problematic depending on which holiday weekend you choose but Annapolis is well used to receiving visitors and is equipped to deal with an influx of people at certain times of the year.