Hammond – Harwood House Museum

secret gardens
secret gardens

If you love architecture, you’ll love this.

The well-known house belonged to Matthias Hammond in the 18th century. As Hammond was elected to the Maryland Government in 1773, as a fighter for freedom, the works for the house begun in 1774. The house was built by the renowned architect William Buckland in the most fashionable area of Annapolis at that time. He was an immigrated architect known for integrating different designs into mainstream areas. The house is inspired by an Italian architect Andrea Palladio and features some impressive woodcarving and stonework. The house is very symmetrical.

Unfortunately, the architect died before the house was finished but one assumes that most of it was done by then. Funnily, Hammond himself never lived in the house but rented it out to several people including a one-time Mayor called Jeremiah Chase. His great-grand daughter then married William Harwood, the great-grand son of William Buckland. That’s how those two families got mixed up and why the house carries its name today : The Hammond-Harwood house.

In 1926, St John’s College purchased the building and it was used for several years as an education centre. In 1940, the Hammond-Harwood House Association bought the house and since then it has welcomed many visitors through its doors. Nowadays it’s a landmark of colonial architecture. Get an insight into the colonial lifestyle. The museum features furniture sets from back in the days, crafts and authentic items like a delicate sewing kit, colonial kitchen artefacts and many other little things. Dive back into the 18th century. The museum is holding fine decorative arts and its mission is to preserve those and expose them to visitors.

Each year the museum organizes a secret garden tour through the backyards and over the fences of Annapolis houses. Explore and discover the unusual when sneaking past exotic plants and hedges. Find out more here. Besides, the museum features a little gift shop at the entrance/exit of the museum. Buy some little souvenirs to take home.

The museum operates from April to December, from Tuesday to Sunday and from 12pm until 5pm. Guided tours can be followed for a small fee.