4 Great Things To Do with Kids in Annapolis


Annapolis has long been referred to as the ‘Athens of America’ for its rich culture, diverse history and hospitable people.  Its seafront location made it an obvious place for people from all over the world to visit the city that continues to receive over 4 million visitors each year.Its friendly atmosphere and the fact that many of the best attractions are within walking distance of one another makes it the perfect place to explore. If you are travelling with family, we have put together just some of the exciting and interesting things you could do with your kids in Annapolis:-

Visit the US Naval Academy Museum

Just a short walk from City Dock is the US Naval Academy Museum, which offers free entry for the public and two floors full of exhibits and artefacts. These  tell the story of the US Navy, the history of the US sea power and how the US Navy has played a role in the development of America.  It is also possible to take a tour around the US Naval Academy, although the suitability of this will depend on how old your children are.  These tours give you the chance to see what life is really like for those in the US Navy.

Take a Pirate Cruise

If you have little ones who are fans of anything pirate related then they will absolutely adore this pirate themed cruise along the Chesapeake.  The Sea Gypsy sails seven days a week and you are encouraged to arrive half an hour before your sailing time to allow children to dress up and have their faces painted prior to boarding the boat.  Once aboard they will be invited along on a treasure hunting adventure, learning the rules at sea and how to read a treasure map to find the sunken gold.  This is an interactive and exciting experience which children (and adults) of all ages will enjoy.

Explore City Dock

From the O Callaghan Annapolis Hotel it’s just a short distance to City Dock, a real hub in Annapolis.  If the weather is nice you can enjoy some ice-cream from one of the many vendors, find a place to sit and watch the boats come into Annapolis Harbour, or find a waterfront restaurant to enjoy a meal; the atmosphere here is incredibly laid back and it makes the perfect place to wind down before heading back to your hotel for the evening.

Get Outdoors

There are a number of parks and trails through Annapolis which are well worth taking some time to discover; over 87 miles of trail in fact which can be explored on foot or by hiring bikes.  If you want a park close to the heart of Annapolis then there are a number you can choose from: Downs Park, Fort Smallwood Park and Kinder Farm Park would all make excellent choices if you wanted somewhere to let the kids burn off some energy whilst in picturesque surroundings.